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Field Guide to Social Spaces, 2019

M.Arch Studio, Performed with Polina Protsenko, Michal Gliszewski, Chloe Condon, and Nathan Rennich


The goal of this performance is to identify and exaggerate various aspects of social relationships and, through performed embodiment, create a spectacle and space to talk about them. Apart from illustration and research, this performance is another way to make visible the hidden dimensions of human interaction. The experiences of the performers, as well as the photo and video documentation will serve as the data to further analyze these conditions.


Organizing logics: There are three spatial concepts this performance explores: Threshold, Intersection, and Volume. For the purposes of this thesis, each of these are derived from architecture and applied to personal interaction. The three concepts are explored at first as simple pedestrian behavior, secondly as exaggerated pedestrian behavior, and lastly using props such as fabric and door frames to make a more literal connection to architecture. With each iteration of concept, the performance becomes more evident, culminating in a final, exceptionally obvious audience space making action.


This project is one major component of this thesis. They can be found linked below:


1. Social research, based on the busy sidewalks of downtown Chicago

2. A Field Guide to Social Spaces, which aims to capture the intricacies of human interaction, in comparison with our built environments.

3. A live performance that embodied and activated the basic forms of social space, as outlined by the Field Guide.





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