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Vaulted Heart, 2018

Spatial Experiments


This experiment originated from an intensely emotional response that began a line of thinking centered around the idea of a space being linked to their owner.


The goal was to set up a system that would allow a space, both physical and social, to be created from the action of two people coming together.


There are two major moving parts in this work:

A wooden frame that is connected by pulleys and ropes to either side of the space. In rest, the frame lays on the ground.

A sheer fabric that is stretched taught across the room, around chest level.


As two individuals hold their respective sides of the rope and move to the center of the room, the frame rises to the ceiling, pushing the fabric with it, and creating a central tent space. As the frame and fabric reach their full height, the two people find themselves in intimate contact, able to connect their two ends and revel in the space they’ve made.


A big thank you to Polina Protsenko. Without whom, this work would not have been possible.





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Below: early sketches that informed the final work